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Top Seller

The Dragon Meets a Mermaid

A Children's book inspired by the love of mermaids, dragons, and the ocean.  It tells a beautiful tale with a twist ending.  Thoughtful, inspiring, and teaching lessons in kindness.

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The pictures are fun and beautiful. My child loves it so much. Would recommend for any parents with children under 5 years old.

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Praise & Reviews

Great story to communicate to children how to choose friends and avoid toxic ones! Got drawn in on the first page of the story. Both my wife and I were chuckling!

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I liked the whole story and the sweet lesson of friendship. A fun read!

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About Christine and Xine's Boutique

I have a passion for art, color, and fantasy.  I combined my passions to write books and create illustrations.

I create canvass, digital art, and make commission pieces. There is nothing like a finished project to give me a feeling of pride!

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