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The Dragon Meets a Mermaid is my first book I released and is a cute bed time story.  There is no age limit, adults love it too

Gardenia: A Fairy Tale
Now Available
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"Charlie Chip" 
is a cute book with a message to clean up after we make messes.
Food for the Queen is a very short E-Book and is free if you have kindle. It is only a few pages long. It is great for a kid learning to read.  The pictures are very cute and colorful.

"Marcus Moose" is full of  Canadian stereotypes, is educational, and great for casual readers of all ages. Some teaching on manners, and Canadian history is included in a fun way, so you don't feel like you are learning.

Primitive People, is a thoughtful Thesis paper I wrote and categorized my thoughts into a short chapter book.  It considers relationships between women and developmental theories.  The look is less than $10 and you just might learn something.
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