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Fairy Tales: a work in progress

Tonight was a productive night. I am editing my book still, but it is almost ready for production. Of course, I will have to come up with tons of illustrations to give it the effect I want.

Fairy Tales are an interesting thing. We call them 'fairy tales,' which gives it this soft essence. Most fairy tales are actually quite grim gruesome stories that end up being shorted down into cute stories for children.

There are many different versions of Cinderella. One of them involve the sisters sawing their toes off to fit the slipper while Cinderella stood by saying nothing... Talk about playing hard to get. I could go on, but you can see my speech on this on YouTube.

I think the book I am working on right now is very fitting in the category of fairy tales. There is romance, magic, princes and princesses, betrayal, and realistic struggles. It is a combination of the magic of a fairy tale, but also with some grimness for the realistic struggles.

It has some trilogy vibes, and might attract some Larper's.

I hope you are as hyped as I am about this book for when it comes out!

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