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The Starving Artist

I have more of a rant type post today, but I'll try to keep focused on the solutions.

A friend made a comment to me about artists and "no wonder there are so many starving artists out there when no one wants to support them."

There is this thing that people say often, "support local." Well that's great, but local doesn't seem to peek people's interest. Local is overlooked because you can have my things anytime. The costs are high, and then any store offering to help wants at least 25% commissions which either cuts into almost all of your profits or causing people to raise their prices to the point of unaffordability.

Being in a small town myself, I can relate to how hard it is to get "local support." Most of us artists who are making a living doing what we love, have to have a good attitude! No one owes me support just because I am local. No one owes me any thing. I can outsource my art, books, whatever, all over the world. While some locals wish to see me to fail because of their bad jealous attitudes, they can keep wishing whatever they want... and boy there are people that wish to see us fail. BUT, the lord makes a feast for you in front of your enemies ;)

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get the word out about your products. Your friends and family might not share every post you make. Many of your 'friends' might even talk behind your back. However, if you have a business plan, and are passionate enough to keep going, then you can succeed.

I know so many incredible artists, seamstresses, photographers, crafters, makers, etc. and they just can't get their products sold or out there. It can be very discouraging, and there will be so many challenges to overcome! BUT... guess what, you can overcome anything! This is where I start getting spiritual... "If our God is for us, who can stand against us!" people might want to see you fail, but never mind them. Everything is not a battle of flesh, sometimes things are a spiritual battle. Get yourself back into the right frame of mind, and keep showing people what you have to offer! Your products are special, and mean something to you. You just need the right people to see them.

I am going to be making another podcast soon, hopefully tonight, talking about my art, why I believe in it, and how my product improves your life. Everyone wants something, but some times they feel like they need to need it. There is this guilt that people feel, like they aren't worthy of a great product, that they are somehow being selfish.

I believe art has the power to change the mood of a room, it could almost be prescribed as an antidepressant in a way. Art is beautiful stimulation for our brains, ears, eyes, and soul. We need to feed our spiritual/emotional self too, not just our physical body. So, all of you beautiful people out there, you artists, you are changing the world, adding joy, color, and fantasies to escape into. Something that stimulates our brains and saves us from the mundane world that we live in.

This world is not our home, but is a temporary place until Jesus' kingdom returns. That is our home. Did I mention, the gates of heaven are made of pearls, and the walls are covered in precious stones! God is the 1st creator, and has created all things good. Some how we were made in his image and want to be like him. We want to create and contribute to the joy in the world. So, create, be joyful, and give thanks to him for our gifts and talents.

ps. stay tuned for my podcast on YouTube. I'll post it on Facebook.

God Bless,



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