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This year's Achievements: Christine Dubois

This year I have released a few books, written a stand-up comedy script, illustrated tons of art, and hung some of my canvas art up around town. It has been a busy year for me; working productively. I have a few books I am currently working on, and I have some books that are being translated into Spanish also, so I can expand my audience. I have lots of upcoming events and opportunities that I won't mention yet, not until all the dates are official and booked. However, stay tuned to hear me as a guest speaker/guest host on some podcasts...

Organization has always been a bit of challenge for me as I am a bit of a creative storm. However, sticky notes are my best friend. I have them lined up into categorical rows with tasks, and goals that I need to complete: reminders. It is the fun tasks that I want to complete first, however, I placed them into priority levels and don't get to reward myself with the fun tasks until I finish the boring ones.

I have been behind the screen for about a year now, and this year my focus is going to be a lot more public. Lord help me now, I will have to do some public speaking and try to appear as Sauvé as I can: natural. I guess I can't just hide in the North Pole reading my books to baby narwhals forever.

April 11, 2022

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